‘Ink Master’ season 4 finale rankings: Will Sausage, Matti Hixson or Scott Marshall win?

Ink MasterThis has felt like a fairly predictable season of “Ink Master” ever since we met the artists during the convention style tattooing challenge. There were a few artists that really stood out from the rest of the group and now they are in the finale. While there have been some vocal fans on social media that wanted to see Halo in the final three over some of the others, we are looking at Scott Marshall, Matti Hixson and Sausage who will be competing for the title of “Ink Master” next week.

We here at CarterMatt love to do contestant rankings and share where we think the remaining players will land when all is said and done. Our rankings of the final three for “Ink Master” are based on body of work, adaptability, skill set and TV edit. Remember that these rankings are not spoilers.

3. Matti Hixson: We like Matti a lot and think he’s produced some really great tattoos this season, but we have a hard time seeing him winning the show. One of the major reasons is that he can’t do lettering and that’s a basic tattooing skill that a real Ink Master should know how to do.

2. Sausage: He is an artist that deserves to win the title this year hands down. He has been given the lion’s share of difficult tattoos and canvases by the other artists in hopes of rattling him or knocking him out, but every time he was faced with adversity, he managed to adapt, think outside the box and produce quality tattoos. We would love to put him in the number one spot and feel that he deserves the win, but Scott is going to be difficult to beat in the judges minds.

1. Scott Marshall: He has received the winners edit since close to the beginning of the show. No matter what he produces, the judges fawn all over him (just look at his Statue of Liberty tattoo that was missing a spike in the crown and their reaction to it for proof). Scott has given us some gorgeous tattoos this season, but we’ve also seen him drop the ball quite a few times: His horse tattoo had no ears, he didn’t produce a demon during demon week, just did a cover up that did not cover up the tattoo, flag flying backwards… and the list goes on. Regardless of Scott’s short comings, he made it to the finale and we would be shocked if he doesn’t take home the title.

Who do you think is going to win the title this year on “Ink Master”? Are you hoping that there will be another vote by America to bring an artist back for a second kick of the can next season? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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