‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, and a crazy future

Chicago Fire -Tonight marked the end of “Chicago Fire” season 2, but after watching the craziness unfold on NBC, it is pretty easy to tell that we are going to have a ton of anxiety waiting for the new season to start up in the fall.

Of course, we cannot divulge much in the way of concrete spoilers in this article about the road ahead, mostly because the show hasn’t even started writing scripts just yet. All we can do in this space is try to dispel some rumors that will probably be floating around for a while.

First of all, there is no reason to worry contractually about the future of Taylor Kinney, or another of the other series regulars that were potentially in the building at the time that it blew up. All actors when joining a show traditionally sign up for six seasons, even though there are a few exceptions here and there like Josh Charles and “The Good Wife.” The bigger issue is obviously whether or not the writers or the actors want to go in another direction. Kinney has already done on record saying that he loves this job, and given his popularity we have a hard time imagining that they would kill him off.

As for what we expect from season 3, it makes sense that they would pick off right where they left off, since there are so many questions. Not only do you have the fate of these characters in the building, but we have to know what lies ahead for Casey and Dawson!

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Photo: NBC

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