‘Chicago Fire’ season 2 finale review: Casey and Dawson’s big moment; Severide in danger

Chicago Fire -If there is one thing that we learned from the “Chicago Fire” Tuesday night, it is that happy times never stay happy for long. Just when you think that everyone in Chicago was going to have an opportunity to take a minute or two to celebrate and relax, things get crazy yet again. As a matter of fact, we’re still trying to process everything that happened in those ominous final minutes. (Warning: Big spoilers ahead!)

We’ll start here with what we are struggling with the most right now: Something very bad may have happened to Severide inside of a building. The season literally ended with Boden screaming for reinforcements while looking at the remains of a place that may have potentially taken the lives of some of his men. Is this quite possibly the worst wedding ever? Well, at least he and Donna seemed happy before all of this happened … so hopefully nobody dies and they can just remember the good times. (We imagine Severide fans revolting if something truly terrible happens to him.)

The other sad part of all this is that this emergency interrupted (perhaps conveniently in a sad way) a proposal that was happening between Casey and Dawson, and a moment that we’ve been waiting to see SO much. We felt like she was about to say “yes” before the call came in, but who knows? For a woman who just got a proposal, we felt like she would be a little bit happier. This is the other emotional cliffhanger of the season, and you have to know that this is going to be brought up and addressed in a pretty huge way moving forward.

We’re willing to overlook most of the TV conveniences in the end and still recognize the finale for what it was: Shocking but great entertainment. Grade: B+.

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Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

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