ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 23 review: Castle, Beckett, a wedding, and a cliffhanger

Castle and Beckett -Castle” has been building towards the Castle / Beckett wedding literally from the very beginning of the show, and on Monday night, that episode finally arrived.

However, the show really made you take a lot of time before getting to the big moment where the characters actually walked down the aisle. It took us on a wild-goose chase that caused Rick and Kate to be forced into dealing with her ex, who refused to sign marriage papers for her for a good part of the episode.

But, we don’t want to waste that much time with that; instead, let’s try to figure out who in the world was in that SUV at the end of the episode that caused all of our hopes and dreams for a great wedding to go down the tubes. Unfortunately, we feel the same way about this episode. The first part of it felt like the “Bones” wedding episode, which was complete fluff and a tiny wedding that should have been expanded. Then, they pulled the rug out from under us.

There was no real reason to have Castle put in a near-death situation here, even if we assume that someone like 3XK is probably involved and has a good reason to want to ruin things. It’s just not a great cliffhanger. Viewers wanted the payoff this week after all the hype, and this was a twist too far. Why couldn’t there have just been a happy finale that really gave us closure? Having Lanie and Esposito hold hands isn’t enough, and viewers would have watched season 7 without a cliffhanger.

The most frustrating part about the final minutes of this episode is that there is clearly no way that Castle is going to die. The show has his name in the title! This episode feels in the end like shock value being shoehorned in, and may be one of the biggest letdowns since the show was struggling to find its footing in the early going. Granted, we know that we’ll be just as excited as next season as ever, but this story felt like it was making a mountain out of a molehill just to ensure that it “shocked” us. Grade: C-.

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Photo: ABC

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