’24: Live Another Day’ episode 3 review: Jack Bauer continues to be Jack Bauer

24 -Last week, “24: Live Another Day” took its time in kicking off the action again. They didn’t have Jack Bauer speak for most of the episode, and simply decided to instead take their time.

This episode was much more relentless, and not just because of an hour-long runtime that forced things to move along quicker. The show seems to be more focused on what they are trying to do, and they have also brought in some excellent cast members this season. Michelle Fairley? She’s just as awesome here as she was on “Game of Thrones.” Yvonne Strahovski? Easily her best role since “Chuck,” and it blows Hannah McKay out of the water.

The movement forward in this episode came as Jack was starting to prove that the drone responsible for all the damage was the result of the hack. Unfortunately, this is “24” and not everything goes according to plan this early in the season. There was a crazy riot scene that started the moment he fired off a couple of shots, and he proved himself yet again to be the real master of the escape. He just does it in some pretty … unconventional methods.

This episode was definitely exciting, mostly because everyone from Chloe to Kate was involved, and in a way that was interesting and true to the characters. The best thing about “24” in its modern form is that while it makes Jack look awesome and incredibly skilled, it does not do so at the expense of some of the other characters. Nobody is made out here to look like an idiot, and we do very much appreciate that. Grade: B.

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Photo: Fox

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