‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5: More on Paul Wesley and the future

The latest -The past few days have been a difficult stretch of time for most fans of “The Vampire Diaries,” as we have been forced to sit around and question whether or not we are truly at the end of the road when it comes to Paul Wesley.

As those of you who saw the past episode of the show know already, the Stefan character is seemingly dead now. He was taken down in terrible fashion on the penultimate episode, and he is now seemingly on the other side. this alone could merit more of Wesley on the show, since as we’ve seen with Enzo and Bonnie, it is still possible for characters to exist on this side of the world.

First of all, we should address the fact that Wesley said that “Stefan is done-zo” on Twitter. If the character was really dead and he was leaving, do you really think that this is the way that it could be announced? We don’t see this as definitive proof of anything at the moment, especially given that Paul has been known to have a sense of humor.

Contractually, we also know that Paul would have another year at least on his contract. Most TV stars sign on for two seasons when a show is show is ordered, and there are sometimes options to even extend this to seven seasons. So if Paul is leaving, it must be because this is either the natural story of the story, or that he simply wants to go off as an actor and do other things.

The last reason that we are still skeptical? This show has always been about the love triangle between Stefan, Elena, and Damon; without one of them, the entire premise changes since you ultimately start to think that the game is over and that Damon has won.

Where do you think that “The Vampire Diaries” will go when it comes to the Stefan character? Share some of your thoughts below, and head over here to watch a preview for the next new episode. Also, sign up now to sink your fangs into some more TV updates.

Photo: The CW

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