‘Chicago Fire’ season 2 finale spoilers: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney on possible deaths, cliffhanger

Chicago Fire -There are good and bad things that come with a season finale. While you get more action and excitement than pretty much ever before, you also run into the risk of losing actors in the process. When this said show is “Chicago Fire” and much of the entire M.O. of the show revolves around people trying to save lives in really dangerous situations, you basically know that there is a big potential for the Grim Reaper to come knocking on someone’s door.

In the videos below from NBC, you can see the likes of Jesse Spencer (Casey) and Taylor Kinney (Severide) each go through some of what could happen in the finale, and how there is potential for many lives to be lost. There is also a huge cliffhanger coming up, and neither admits to knowing how this is going to ultimately be resolved in the show’s upcoming third season. (Update: Click here to read our review on the shocking finale!)

One other interesting thing to hear about here is Spencer explaining some of how the location has influenced the show this year. Thanks to the polar vortex, Chicago had one of its coldest winters in over a century, and that made filming the show at times very strenuous. So while we praise the show for doing its best to really feel authentic when many others choose to simply film somewhere else to save money, it comes with some big sacrifices. In the case of this show, weather is one of those big sacrifices.

Luckily, we’re not going to have too much longer at all here to wait before we see what happens next on the show.

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Photo: NBC

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