‘Big Brother Canada 2’ finale interview: Arlie Shaban on Jon’s move, love of the game

Arlie -Arlie Shaban is the sort of “Big Brother Canada” player that lives and breathes it. Sometimes his passion got him in trouble, but overall it was what made him such an entertaining player.

Arlie talked to us about this passion after the season 2 finale Thursday night, and this is one of just many interviews that we have to share for you! You can see some others at the link here, and we’ll have longer ones pretty soon.

CarterMatt – How in the world do you manage to have all this energy?

Arlie Shaban – I am full of energy. I am such a fan and being a part of this was such an experience I’ll never forget, and I couldn’t contain myself at any moment.

How did being in the jury change your mindset at all?

I always knew that I was going to vote based on who played the best game at the end, and honestly the moment I left the game I knew Sabrina was going to be in the final two and I was just going to vote for whoever she was against. It was blatantly obvious that was going to happen. It just sucked being out of that house.

Did you have any inkling that Jon would cut Neda? We saw very little evidence that he would.

I was 100% sure Jon was going to cut Neda. I was always saying that he would. Even in the final jury talk Heather was saying that he won’t do it, everyone was saying they weren’t sure. I was saying that Jon was a smart player, and he would 100% cut Neda.

Canada’s HoH obviously played a huge role in what you decided to do, and also what happened in the game. Is there any little thing that you wish you had altered in how you played after that?

I went into the game, and I wanted to play an epic game. I was very, very confident in my abilities. I could’ve gone further with a different strategy, but I wouldn’t have been as remembered. I wanted to go in and not just win the game, but I wanted to do it in spectacular fashion. I was just a little too cocky.

If they call you tomorrow and ask you to do another season, are you in?

I could go two years in the ‘Big Brother’ house and not to my family, my friends, no phone. I could go back-to-back seasons and love it.

Is there just one memory or experience you’ll take from this for the rest of your life?

I just loved the game. I loved being able to play a persona and a specific role, and I loved playing up for the fans. Every night I would go to bed, and just couldn’t fall asleep realizing that I was in the game.

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