‘Big Brother Canada 2’ finale interview: Rachelle Diamond on Peter, Sabrina, and what’s next

Rachelle -Rachelle Diamond was one of many players on “Big Brother Canada 2” who at times seemed to be just floating on. She wasn’t the strongest strategist, and was even forgotten at times by some of the others in the game.

But even though she didn’t make a huge impact in the end, Rachelle still managed to have a good experienced seemingly for herself, and she made some great friends in the episode (especially Sabrina). We also give her credit for owning what happened in the hot tub. This interview is one of many conducted on the night of the finale, and you can see all of the others over at the link here. We’ll have longer chats soon.

CarterMatt – So I have to ask about Peter. What’s going on with the two of you?

Rachelle Diamond – I’ve had a boyfriend for the past three years, but with Peter, he’s like my celebrity crush. I can’t  believe that, like, we are them.

You’re really just getting out of this crazy situation. Where is your head at now?

My head is like ‘what is happening,’ people [are here] who weren’t in the house. Jon just won $100,000, Sabrina, who I love, just got second. I just want to see what the outside world holds for me.

So what are the first things you are going to do now that you are out of the house?

I know I’m going to turn on my phone and look at the messages I’ve missed, and I’m going to look at my Instagram account, and then look at all the weird tweets of people making fun of me for peeing in the hot tub. Just deal with it!

Is there anything that you think that you or Sabrina could have done to get her more votes in the end?

It’s a really hard question, because Canada winning HoH changed everything. When we got rid of Ika when I was HoH, I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. At that time, I was making the right move.

How are you going to handle now being out there again in the world, and people in the store just being like ‘Rachelle’ and you have no idea who they are at all?

I think it’s going to be very weird at first, but I like attention (laughs), so hopefully I’ll like it!

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Photo: CarterMatt

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