‘Big Brother Canada 2’ finale interview: Sabrina Abbate on second place, Jon’s win

Sabrina -Sabrina Abbate was a polarizing contestant across much of “Big Brother Canada 2,” but we have to admit that we found her rants and raves in the house at times to be very entertaining.

We also have to give her credit for being a super-enjoyable interview following the finale Thursday night. She was funny, engaging, and very open about her game and recognized Jon as a great winner. This is one of many interviews that we from finale night (longer ones are coming later); for now, you can see the others at the link here.

CarterMatt – How are you feeling? You didn’t win, but you got some money and you got second place.

Sabrina Abbate – I love it! I’m excited and I can move out, yay.

When you found out that Jon was [wanting to take] you to the final two, what was your first reaction? Shock? Joy?

It was shock … I thought I was having a heart attack, but I knew that he was telling the truth because it was risky for him to bring Neda. So I’m really happy that he kept his word, and I really feel like Jon deserved to win. So I’m happy for him.

When it gets down to final three, final two, what are you thinking when it comes to jury arguments?

It is ridiculous in there! There are so many [alliances] in there. At the end of the day you just have to hope that you persuade enough and slide slide through until you get there.

Did you think that you were going to get more votes? Were you surprised that Allison didn’t vote for you?

I knew that Allison wasn’t going to vote for me, and I don’t hold it against her. I know that she’s from Newfoundland, and at the same time Jon played an amazing game. He won so many competitions. I won HoH to guarantee my final three spot, but he played an amazing game.

One thing you really deserve credit for is finding a way to change your game when the First Five fell apart. How did you go about doing that?

My plan aside from Andrew, wherever he is, is that beautiful girl Rachelle. I kept myself strong with her, and I knew that she would’ve done anything from me, and I would’ve done anything for her. That’s why I think we stayed above the water for as long as we did.

A lot of people think you were a big character, so would you go back?

Yes! Not now, but in a couple of weeks. (Laughs.)

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