Exclusive: Richard Speight Jr. on ‘To Appomattox’ miniseries, possible ‘Supernatural’ return

To Appomattox -We’ve spent the past few days informing you some about “To Appomattox,” a miniseries project that is currently being funded on Kickstarter. There is just over a week left for the project to raise the necessary funds, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to take part.

So why contribute money to one miniseries when there are so many others now being made? One simple reason above all else is the authenticity and care being put into something that still is reasonably unexplored in this medium. Creator Michael Frost Beckner (“The Agency”) has spent years crafting a story that has slowly expanded from his original premise of a stage play into something grand. He has brought in numerous historical advisers, and created something that he hopes will give you a viewpoint of what the war was like from both generals and those behind the scenes.

There are many notable actors signed on, and in addition to our chat recently with Jason O’Mara (who is set to play Ulysses S. Grant) and our piece recently discussing Damian Lewis’ involvement, we also recently spoke via email to Richard Speight Jr., who would play the character of Nathan Wexler. You may know Speight from everything from “Band of Brothers” to “Supernatural,” and we talk to him here about why he is so passionate about “To Appomattox” being made, and also if he could see himself returning to a certain CW series as Gabriel in the future. (Gabriel made a surprise return in “Meta Fiction” earlier this year.)

CarterMatt – What made you want to first jump on board the ‘To Appomattox’ project?

Richard Speight Jr. – Two things: the brilliant writing of Michael Beckner, and the topic he chose to focus on. In spite of all the national and international passion and interest in the subject, there has never been a proper, accurate series about the Civil War. Michael is out to change that, and he’s got an amazing pool of talent flanking his move.

Is there anything you can say about your Nathan Wexler character briefly, and how he potentially fits into the story?

Wexler represents a man who, when faced with the horrors of battle, collapses like a house of cards and seems damned to wear the mantle of cowardice to the hangman’s noose, only to [then] find himself presented with a second chance to redeem himself to his fellow soldiers, his country, and most importantly, to himself.

What would you say to Civil War buffs, or even just TV fans considering a pledge on Kickstarter?

Let’s tell this story right. Let’s not let the money-counters tell us what parts of our history matter to us. We would not be the powerful nation we are today had we not nearly fractured over 150 years ago. Let’s capture those moments on film so current and future generations can learn and remember – and never forget.

Gabriel -On a different note, Gabriel returned to ‘Supernatural’ this year! Were you surprised to get the call back given he was presumed dead, and would you come back for season 10 if asked?

I was shocked and thrilled. I love playing that character and being a part of that mythology. ‘Supernatural’ fans are, bar none, the best fans out there. It is always an honor to get to be a part of the show they love so dearly and support so passionately. So hell yes, I’d come back in season 10! And in seasons 11, 12, 13… for as long as good fortune and devoted eyes are able to keep that show going, you can count me in.

We mentioned it earlier, but here’s another reminder that you can visit the Kickstarter page for “To Appomattox” at this link. Also, for more TV updates from us sign up for our CarterMatt Newsletter. Thanks again to Richard for the time, and you can see the rest of the “Supernatural” cast continuing to fight the battle to retake Heaven Tuesday nights on The CW.

Photos: “To Appomattox,” The CW

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