‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: See Misha Collins in ‘King of the Damned’

Supernatural -Where does the story go from here on “Supernatural” season 9? We hold firm to our belief that last Tuesday’s “Bloodlines” pilot was a mess, and we’re stoked to get the show back on track with “King of the Damned.” For those of you wanting to see plenty of familiar faces, this is the hour for you.

Obviously, the photo above shows Castiel back in action, and also back doing some action-packed scenes as he continues to prepare to take the fight to Metatron in the season finale airing on May 20 (read more about that here). Misha Collins’ part on the show has at times been scattered, given that he will go away, appear, go away, and then appear again. However, we can say now with confidence that he is going to be pretty involved for at least the rest of season 9. (We’re hoping that this will eventually mean more of him in season 10, as well, though that is not confirmed.)

There are some other matters to take care of this season that are in some way tied to the Metatron fight, whether you are referring to Dean’s struggles due to the Mark of Cain, or Abaddon continuing to reign over Hell with an iron fist. Hopefully, these will also be resolved in due time before this season comes to an end. As of right now, we’d say that some of the story has lagged behind season 8, but it is far and away an improvement over what was one of our personal least-favorites in season 7. What it’s missing right now is a great conclusion, and a tease to get us really excited about the fall.

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Photo: The CW

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