‘Survivor: Cagayan’ episode 10 review: Did Tony and Woo make another move?

Cagayan -Survivor: Cagayan” had a hard challenge tonight: Trying to find a way to ensure that this episode was exciting, even if it looked on the surface like it was going to be a pretty boring episode. You had five versus two, and it made no sense for any of the five to side with the two. Tasha and Spencer are the threats to win, and you have to get rid of them before the finale if you want a chance.

But, the show did a decent job selling the drama before letting us know if anything truly crazy could happen. Spencer did his part to turn Tasha’s relaxation time with the women into paranoia on Tony’s part, and Tasha was doing the same exact thing just by going out with them. If there was anyone capable of making a big, crazy move, it was going to be the construction worker cop.

Also worth nothing: Tony has another idol! How many idols does this season need? Is Jeff Probst just going to hand them out the next week? The good news for Tony is that he wasn’t put into a position where he had to play it, and he still has two idols … and he may really even need him moving forward.

While Spencer and Tasha may take a little bit of credit in getting in Tony’s head, it’s actually not that terrible of an idea to get rid of Jefra. While we don’t necessarily think of this as the women versus the men, Jefra doesn’t trust Tony. Getting rid of her doesn’t really hurt in that sense. The thing that hurts him would be blindsiding Jefra without Kass and Trish knowing about it in advance.

The decision on the vote was between strictly Jefra and Spencer, though Tony and Woo’s decision to go after Jefra was almost stalled by Spencer running around looking for an idol at the very end. It was a fun blindside, but once again, Tony’s in trouble. He has two allies, but many spurned alliance members. Also, he kept around a guy in Spencer who is playing a heck of a game, given that he hasn’t really ever had the numbers on his side.

In between the “Survivor” auction, the vote, and a competition that was thankfully not related to endurance at all, this was a better episode than last week’s. It wasn’t the most shocking blindside ever, but entertaining nonetheless. Grade: B+.

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