‘Girls’ season 4: Adam Driver’s ‘Star Wars’ hire official; does it change plans?

Adam Driver -When you get an opportunity to appear in something like “Star Wars,” it is a pretty darn impossible opportunity to turn down. This is the sort of situation that Adam Driver may have found himself in when the discussions about the film were starting to become heated.

Now, though, it is official: Driver will in fact star in the upcoming J.J. Abrams movie. We’re not a movie site, so we’re not going to spend a whole lot of time discussing that. Instead, what we are a little more concerned about here is whether or not this gig impacts the future of Adam on HBO’s “Girls.”

Here is what we know for now: “Girls” has been working on new episodes for a little while now, and those will premiere at some point early next year. Can Adam really do both shows? He has not left “Girls,” so we assume that he will find a way to figure it out. One of the positives to being on a show like this is that filming takes place on a matter of a few select months a year, and with Lena’s Hannah at school in Iowa, he may not have nearly as much to do on the show right now in the first place. Being the supportive environment that exists on the show, we imagine that there will be a way to balance all of these gigs out without too much of a problem.

The larger question will be if “Girls” is renewed for a fifth season, and if that will turn impact Adam’s gig on the show on any sort of significant level then. We suppose this should really just be filed “take it a day at a time,” but it is something to keep watch of.

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Photo: HBO

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