NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: A glimpse into ‘Tomorrowland’

When the next new episode of “Revolution” airs on NBC Wednesday night, it should effectively set the stage for what is going to be an exciting few episodes ahead. War with the Patriots is on the way during what may be the series finale for the show, but before you get there, how about some father / daughter time?

At this point, you have to figure that Charlie and Rachel have quite a bit to talk about, given that this season has contained everything from romance to death of major characters … with Jason being the one that continues to really ring home to us most of all. This is the death that is going to continue to drive Neville down the road to darkness, while at the same time everyone still has to deal with the other threats that are out there.

Are we going to see a happy ending for most of the “good guys” this season? We imagine that the rest of the season will be about the challenges of tying together this plot with the Patriots, while also leaving a good bit open for a third season. The producers had to know that there was a chance that the show wouldn’t make it past the season, so we are sure that there are going to be some appropriate steps taken to satisfy fans while teasing them at the same time. Let’s just hope that the final episodes are all sorts of entertaining, and also allow us to use our imagination for what could be in the event the show ends.

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