‘Survivor: Cagayan’ episode 9 review: The Tony vs. Spencer battle for the ages

Cagayan -Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor” was everything it was hyped up to be and then some. Ironically, it was so good that the tease of Woo falling from the tree was almost an afterthought. He was okay! Really, he just hurt his butt.

Ironically, Woo was in much more danger later on the episode of being voted out than being evacuated, as we bore witness to one of the crazier tribal councils that we’ve seen on the show to date. Really, it had almost everything that you could hope for and then some: Drama, discussion, and insanity with immunity idols. Tony blew our mind! He tried to claim that a real idol was a fake idol, while Spencer was playing his idol to save himself. Spencer did the right thing at this point, given that he had to try something to turn the tide. Unfortunately for him, it just didn’t work out.

We understand the complaints about the Tyler Perry Idol and its role in the game, but it’s a part of the season. If Tony can actually use this without telling anyone that he really has it, we’ll give him a lot more credit than past implementations of this idol in the game. We also give him credit for the way that he found it, but we wonder … did Tony find this idol earlier than we were shown? We’re curious mostly because of his “bag of tricks” comment that he made last week, even though he supposedly didn’t have anything with him at that point. Still, we know now that Tony is going to be good in this game for a while now.

Even though Jeremiah’s exit was somewhat predictable and he didn’t bring much to the game, it did leave us with a ton of good characters who are left. Spencer and Tony are great players, and Trish is also waiting in the wings as an underrated threat no one is paying attention to. The only real fodder in the season at this point is Jefra and maybe Woo, who at least shows here and there that he has a clue what’s going on.

But still, another great episode in another great season. Hard to have many complaints. Grade: A-.

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