‘Chicago Fire’ season 2, episode 19 review: Casey, Dawson, and a different modest proposal

Chicago Fire -Chicago Fire” is a show that can at times be a little depressing, and also all sorts of gruesome. For at least a few minutes tonight, we had that in the form of a kitchen “accident.”

But after episodes regarding around suicide and other tragedies, there were some lighter moments in here. We had romance, and a lot of it! Take, for example, Cruz popping the question to Zoya, and her actually saying yes! The reaction from the other characters was surprising, to say the least, but this entire proceeding was pretty funny as she questioned whether or not he was only asking because he was drinking and desperate at a bar.

When it comes to characters, though, this felt more like a Dawson story than anything else as you saw the contrast between her usefulness on the job, and also her turmoil away from it at times. She’s still lacking that “one of the boys” status that she wants, but she did so many interesting things from start to finish here, and those who ship her and Casey are probably very pleased with the way the story ended here.

Still, can these two make their relationship a little less volatile moving forward? The story ended on what was clearly a nice note for the two of them, but it would be silly to sit here and pretend that they can just move forward and be completely happen. Just like with Joe, it was a moment built entirely out of passion, and that eventually gives way to reality.

So while this hour was a little disjointed, we at least give “Chicago Fire” credit for keeping us excited on what is coming the rest of the way. Grade: B-.

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