ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 20 review: Beckett, costumes rule ‘That 70’s Show’

On Monday night’s “Castle” episode “That 70’s Show,” we had a story that was in a word, fun. this was not the episode to give you answers about whether or not Senator Bracken was going to be captured, or if Rick and Kate were that much closer in their wedding plans. The only real thread there had to do with Martha working on flowers for the big day.

The better part of this story was just seeing Castle and Beckett play the game, realizing that in order to seemingly get a witness to talk, they had to go along with the delusion that it was still the 1970s. Of course, the story ended up being much more complicated than this, but the costumes were phenomenal and a nice little diversion. As a matter of fact, our favorite part of the entire hour was that image of Esposito sliding on the car and falling on his face.

Of course, this case was closed in the same way that most “Castle” cases are, and that really isn’t what matters. Instead, it was about the journey, seeing Lanie hilariously not have a get-up for the era save for Foxy Brown, and seeing Castle having a “Captain Castle” plaque in Gates’ office. This episode is the sort that we are going to watch someday when we’re sick at home and not interested in doing anything but watching some TV that will make us smile. Save the serious episodes for the finale; we’re happy with this one for now. Grade: B+.

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