‘Mad Men’ season 7, episode 3 preview: ‘Field Trip’ features Jon Hamm, phone calls

Mad MenSunday night’s “Mad Men” brought the show back to where we love to see it: With fantastic character stories that further cement relationships, and gives us insight into where the series could go from here.

This is going to carry us over into the next new episode of the show entitled “Field Trip,” which could provide some more valuable insight about relationships, and where Don Draper’s head is at. Unlike past seasons, it doesn’t feel like Jon Hamm’s character is going to spend much time sitting around and stalling before making big decisions. Instead, the ever-so-coy promo that aired following Sunday’s “A Day’s Work” featured him making some sort of intense / desperate phone call.

Who could he be speaking with? The simple answer to that is obviously Megan, given he is trying to figure out what their relationship is now, and she seems to already have one foot out the door. We can’t imagine it being Betty at this point given their status, even if we do expect to see January Jones on the show at some point soon.

Elsewhere, Peggy is going to continue to struggle in her new position at the office, regardless of whatever that position may be now in between struggling with other employees or bosses who are not too keen to listen to her ideas. We wish that there was something further from Pete Campbell in here, mostly because we pretty much adored everything that was going on with him and the phone calls in tonight’s episode.

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Photo: AMC

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