‘Glee’ season 5 song spoilers: A Lea Michele cover previously done by Chris Colfer

Glee -Is “Glee” seriously at the point now where they are just redoing old songs for the heck of it? We wouldn’t exactly say that, but in an effort to make sure that all the right “Funny Girl” music is covered, we are going to have a new version of an old favorite on Tuesday night’s “Opening Night” in “I’m the Greatest Star.”

While Lea Michele performs the version of the song below, it was actually first performed on “Glee” years ago by Chris Colfer. The two versions are actually very similar, with Lea’s as Rachel Berry (in turn as Fanny) being the slightly more theatrical of the two. It’s still a performance that we have the same sort of opinion on, though: If you really enjoy and appreciate “Funny Girl” as a show, then you probably appreciate this. On the other hand, those who aren’t big Broadway fans probably won’t enjoy this song much in the same way that you haven’t enjoyed many as of late.

There is one thing that we will commend “Glee” on here for a second that isn’t getting enough attention: The show seemingly listening to some fan reaction, and deciding to not include a whole lot of current songs that do not fit in properly with the timeline. We were led to believe that a few months had passed in between the end of last season and the start of next one, but the show is still probably at least six months behind where we are in the present. Not including songs that were not actually out at that time is appreciated.

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