ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: ‘Veritas’ will be big for Stana Katic’s Beckett

The latest -Castle” may be returning Monday night with an episode that seems to be fairly silly in “That 70’s Show,” but at some point very soon, the show looks as though it will be heading into serious territory. Specifically, we are talking about “Veritas” (a.k.a. truth), the 22nd episode of the show to be airing in early May.

So what sort of important story will this episode deliver on? Based on the synopsis below (via SpoilerTV), it appears as though the story regarding the death of Beckett’s mother is going to resurface, just as it was touched around during “In the Belly of the Beast”:

Beckett’s secret investigation into her mother’s death goes awry when a man she has been watching is killed.”

Is Jack Coleman going to return as Senator Bracken for this episode? Generally, we try to shy away from looking at guest casts on IMDb, largely because it can feel like cheating or something that gives too much away. In this case, though, you’ve already been given a pretty substantial hint, and we can confirm that Coleman will in fact be in this episode. That means that at least one of the ongoing plotlines will be addressed before the finale airs. (The other story is 3XK, and nobody ever seems to know very much about that until the episodes air. Heck, we don’t even know for 100% certain that the character is still alive, though it is easily to speculate that they are still out there somewhere.)

Whether or not the show chooses to resolve the Bracken story will be a big indicator as to what some of the long-term plans are. Leaving a few story threads out there, for example, could be a major sign that this is something they plan on exploring further at some point in season 7. (We imagine that the renewal news will be out there by the time this airs.)

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Photo: ABC

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