‘Ink Master’ exit interview: Lydia Bruno on Rob Zombie, favorite tattoos, and Kyle Dunbar fight

Lydia BrunoIt was easy to see from the beginning of “Ink Master” season 4 that Lydia Bruno was the type of artist that had the passion to go far in this competition. She has the drive, the determination and the skills to be in the top of the pack, but unfortunately we lost her far too soon.  Luckily we had a chance to chat with Lydia (via email) about her experience on the show and she had some interesting insights when it came to some of the drama we saw unfold on the last episode between Kyle Dunbar and judge Chris Nunez (it’s always nice to get an insiders perspective on things). Not only that but we got to hear her thoughts on Rob Zombie, her favorite tattoos from the competition as well as her reaction to Ashley Bennett’s sweeping statement saying that “all women cry”, so let’s dive right in and check out what she had to say.

CarterMatt: How excited were you when you found out that not only was there going to be a black and grey challenge, but that it was also “demon” themed?

Lydia Bruno: EXTRAORDINARILY excited. Black and Grey horror/demon tattoos are what I love doing, and Rob Zombie is one of my favorite artists.

Were you surprised that you were eliminated in a challenge that was your specialty and did you feel that tattoo should’ve been in the bottom?

The irony of life depletes my surprise, I took the challenge as any other one, I did not not go into it cocky or with any expectation beyond putting my heart into it and trying to do the best tattoo I could within the restrictions the canvas and time limit set forth.

What was the tattoo you were most proud of in the completion?

I was proud of all of them, solely for the fact that i did not quit even at times when I felt defeated by content or canvas. 

Let’s go back to the second week for a second – what did you think of Ashley Bennett lumping all women together saying that they all cry? 

I felt Ashley should stick to speaking only about her own actions and reactions. She was projecting her own inadequacies on us. I don’t f**king cry.

What did you think of the fight between Chris Nunez and Kyle Dunbar?

For a bunch of angry men, they sure did a lot of talking and not a lot of swinging!!!!! Kyle is a sensitive passionate artist, and it is no surprise to me that it came to that point. The fight was not a surprise to any of us on cast, but we all tried to talk him down the night before.

Now that you are no longer competing for the “Ink Master” title, who are you rooting for to win?


We want to give a special thanks to Lydia for taking the time to chat with us about her time on the show and hope that we will see her work again often and soon.

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