‘The Blacklist’ episode 19 video: The battle continues for Liz and Tom Keen

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you thought that things between Liz and Tom Keen on “The Blacklist” were going to stay mired in subtlety and with moves across the chessboard, think again. The latest promo for next week’s new episode is the equivalent of watching someone throw the chessboard across the room and then stomp on it.

There will be no more beating around the bush for the “married” couple, and instead, there will be war. The scenes on the episode are among the most violent that we’ve seen to date for them, but we can’t really see one killing the other anytime soon. This mystery and this story has been going on for so long, seeing a quick and easy death would not be anything other than a letdown.

There is one other reminder in here that there is probably no immediate end to this story: There are still a few episodes left after this one. “The Blacklist” is a show that really relies on the shocker and the plot twists more so than it does the individual characters. Giving you answers on one of the series’ most-important events prior to the finale does not seem to be the right M.O. for how to do things here. There’s no guarantee just how much we will know before season 2 begins, but if they do not give you details on at least something, then we feel like they are really not doing their job.

After being handled a few more subtle teases for “The Blacklist” this season, what does this one do for you? Share your thoughts with a comment.

Photo: NBC

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