‘Bates Motel’ season 2, episode 7 review: Is Norman tied to Miss Watson?

Bates Motel -After the stunning death of Cody’s father on “Bates Motel” last week, most of Monday night’s new episode was spent dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened. Was Norman Bates really innocent? That’s not an answer that the show was interesting in getting in this episode. Instead, the question that the show addressed was whether or not the police perceived Norman as innocent. In the end, that was all that really mattered.

Luckily, Norman was bailed out thanks to there being a lack of evidence that anything that he was saying was a lie. He gets to enjoy his freedom for the time being, but not without consequences. You see, Norma’s attempts to keep her son’s “secret” under wraps led to him being told by Cody (who is sadly moving on to Indiana rather than staying put) about his blackouts, and him realizing that is hiding information from him.

Her reaction him confronting her about it was the most troubling part of the hour. We know that this show covers a gamut of emotions, but wasn’t this a little too over-the-top? We’ve often felt that way about Norma in general, though; Freddie Highmore is the real star of this show, and we’d like to spend just about as much time with him as humanly possible.

In a sense, we were thrown off that most of the very end of the episode was about Dylan, who may have died in a way that brings to mind Jack from “Lost” … maybe. Given that it wasn’t shown, we always like to hold out hope that he is still alive.

But the biggest shocker in the end here has to be just that Norman’s true with the law is not over at all. His DNA was entered into the system, and thanks to that, the Miss Watson case was wide open. Just when we were about complain about this episode needing a jaw-dropper, we had it … albeit at the very end. Grade: B+.

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Photo: A&E

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