2014 MTV Movie Awards: Conan O’Brien gets ‘Big Bang Theory’ cast, Taylor Swift cameos

MTV Movie Awards -The MTV Movie Awards has a unique challenge: Not only did they have to convince viewers to actually watch them instead of “Game of Thrones” (not an easy thing when you consider what happened during this episode), but they then had to also present some sort of great content that people would want to watch rather than re-watching “Game of Thrones.” (Trust us: It was an amazing episode.)

The mission that Conan set out to achieve in his opening for the show was basically to get as many as 50 celebrity cameos in the span of just a few minutes, and hilariously, he succeeded! Maybe. The part of this that is a little sketchy is whether or not that was actually Jack Nicholson, who really has no interest taking part in these sort of shenanigans the majority of the time.

In case you are wondering about how he pulled off seeing “The Big Bang Theory” cast, Ashton Kutcher, Anna Faris, and Anna’s husband Chris Pratt, the answer is easily: Most of everyone mentioned here works on the Warner Bros. lot with Conan, and Pratt was probably around seeing his wife. We’re mostly just surprised that Andy Richter did not end up qualifying for one of these, given how easy a get that could’ve been. Then again, he did bring on another really good friend in Jack White, and he really stalled while spending time with Taylor Swift.

All in all, a very funny opening, and more than that, further proof that Conan can adapt to many audiences.

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Photo: MTV

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