‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 18 preview: Lana Parrilla and another showdown

Regina -During Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” episode “The Jolly Roger,” there was a major emphasis made on the fact that most of the characters hadn’t seen Zelena for some time. What did this really mean? You mostly had to assume that it translated to the Wicked Witch being off somewhere and up to no good.

Well, she is going to return on next week’s new episode to the other characters in Storybrooke (she spent more time in “The Jolly Roger” with Hook), and in addition to that, the likes of Lana Parrilla’s Regina and the rest of her new allies have to find a way to keep the witch from turning back the clock. While we still find her motives a little odd, we at least know now what they are: To go back to where she can ruin Regina’s life completely, and be the real servant and love of the Dark One.

This episode should get back on the main track for the show, even if we did admittedly love what happened through most of Sunday’s episode. What is very interesting about this story to us is simply the title: “Bleeding Through.” What in the world does this really mean? It could mean that the two eras are coming together, or maybe someone’s true nature is going to rise to the occasion rather than lurking in the shadows.

Given that “Once Upon a Time” has found its footage now in season 3, we have all the confidence in the world that they can keep this going … at least for now.

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Photo: ABC

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