ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 17 preview: Kerry Washington and a confrontation

Take a look -Olivia Pope is almost at war on “Scandal” at this point, and there are factions and people tugging at her at almost every turn. From one side, she is dealing with a Presidential election, and then she has B613 and her mother to worry about. She’s basically in the Bermuda triangle of suck.

Based on the sneak peek below, she also has the unfortunate challenge of knowing that the guys who hook up with her are going to sternly warn her about things moments later … including that Rowan is up to no good, and will try to stop on her / completely ruin her if at all possible. Jake’s warning to Kerry Washington’s character is almost grotesquely worded in a way like we’re watching combatants fight it out at the Roman coliseum. He makes a strong case, but you have to remember here that he is also playing the game. Of COURSE he wants Olivia to stay away from her father. That only further helps his position in the game, and he has to look out for #1 before anyone else.

Content-wise, this sneak peek also does little to stray us from what is “Scandal’s” biggest problem: Nobody on this show ever seems to have any fun, or even just a moment where they can exhale and realize that it’s okay to do something other than freak out and manipulate every person in Washington DC. The biggest problem everyone faces at times is just how tightly-wound they are. Someone needs to tell these people to relax, and that the wine they’re always drinking is suppose to fulfill that need!

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Photo: ABC

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