‘Suits’ season 3 finale spoilers: Now with additional ‘Mad Men’ jokes

What's next -Of course, “Suits” would choose to get snarky about “Mad Men” on the night of its finale, and also a few days before the AMC show returns. That is why we love it so! It’s one of the few dramas out there that realizes that the world is not going to end if you reference another similar show at some point during the program.

In the short sneak peek below from the finale, you get a fun scene between Harvey (Sabriel Macht) and Scottie (Abigail Spencer) in which she questions him for drinking at 10:00 a.m., and Harvey in turn brings up Don Draper’s penchant for booze. Not really the best argument Harvey could make, given that Don was practically a functioning alcoholic and there is no way that his liver is going to survive the 1970s.

For “Suits,” the more interesting question to us is how long Harvey and Scottie can continue to survive and be close to one another. It’s the unwritten rule of TV when it comes to guest stars: If you have a job on another show, it’s never going to look good for you on this show. Case in point, knowing that Spencer has a gig on “Rectify,” it’s hard to imagine “Suits” showrunner Aaron Korsh clearing the way for her to be around full-time here. That’s just too much legwork for the writers to find ways to sell her being off-screen for most of the time.

Plus, there’s still Harvey and Donna out there … and so long as that potential ‘ship is alive, people will continue to want to see it happen. Personally, we don’t care too much so long as Harvey continues to be an awesome TV character, and he hasn’t disappointed us yet this season.

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Photo: USA, video via SpoilerTV


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