‘Mad Men’ season 7 spoilers: Vincent Kartheiser on Pete Campbell’s changes

Pete -With “Mad Men” season 7 approaching on Sunday night, there is quite a bit of story  to sit back and remember … and then also debate.

There have been times over the course of the show so far that we have adored the Pete Campbell character. There have also been times where we have hated him, and thought he was the biggest scoundrel and pile of filth on the planet. We’ve been through so many highs and lows with this guy, and Vincent Kartheiser’s performance is a big part of that. He makes you really want to believe in Pete, but then he does something so infuriating you want to shake him like a crazy person.

Take, for instance, now, where Pete has made the bold / ballsy move to Los Angeles in order to really get some sort of fresh start. It’s a chance for a change, and if anyone needs this, it’s definitely this guy.

As for whether or not it will stick, of course Kartheiser isn’t saying! He knows that spoiling this show would practically equal him meeting the fate that everyone thought was coming for Megan last season. He did, however, dish this sort of “think about it” scoop to TV Guide:

“Oftentimes you have a life-changing moment and it changes you temporarily … And [for] some people it changes permanently. If they’re smart and if they’re wise and if they’re crafty, they learn where they fit in this world. And they tolerate their role and they accept it.”

We’re nervous about Pete’s future, mostly because being separated from the rest of the cast in a new city is not very often a good thing. Producers better find something good for him to do quickly, otherwise we see viewers tuning his story out quick while hoping Don turns back up.

For bonus fun, watch the video below to see more of Pete’s evolution as a character.

Where do you think that Pete’s story is heading: To a glorious place, career destruction, or even a grave? (Everyone loves a good “[insert character here] is dead” conspiracy theory, right?) Sound off in the comments below, and also click here to get further email updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: AMC

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