‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5, episode 20 review: How did Deeks, Kensi move on?

More scoop -For all of those looking for some sort of big Deeks / Kensi moment on Tuesday night’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode … you didn’t get it for the majority of the story. Instead, you had a case about wine and money that left Daniela Ruah on the sidelines while Deeks was still out in the field.

Our first thought after watching this? That these bad guys with guns wasted a lot of good wine that we could’ve been drinking. As a matter of fact, some of it may have made this episode better overall to watch. Save for some funny Deeks lines, there wasn’t a whole lot else that this episode wanted to do. We had a giant bottle of mine that was hiding the money in it the whole time. There are at least a million viewers out there probably screaming at their TVs, saying that they called it before anyone else who was watching the show with them.

By the time that the Deeks – Kensi moment finally happened, it was 9:58, and it was revealed that she was back on the field after Hetty decided to finally let her off the hook. They had a playful punch, and that was about it. Sweet, but not exactly what we wanted or was hoping for.

The truth is that this was a filler episode, and nothing more. Anything in here could have been a part of another story, and after concluding Afghanistan in such an exciting way, this was a letdown. It wasn’t terrible, but in about three days we will forget that any of this happened like we do some other procedural episodes of network dramas. Grade: C.

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Photo: CBS

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