‘Glee’ season 4, episode 15 review: ‘Bash’ brings pain for Kurt, clarity for Mercedes, Sam

Kurt -Going into Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee,” we knew that the story the writers were hoping to tell in “Bash” was something that was an extension of the season 2 bullying storyline. The difference is that in the real word, name-calling was only the tip of the iceberg for some of what you go through.

Kurt was beaten up badly during the story, and while he managed to survive it, this moment may leave an indelible impression on him forever. It was easy to feel for him, though as a critic it’s hard to have that much of an impression on it since you are basically stoking the same fire that you did on the show years ago … just on a different level. What the beating did, more than reminding us that the real world is a cruel place, was also show us that there are things in this world that can bring friends together … even when they are fighting.

Emotions from this story aside, “Bash” did not really capitalize on some of the themes that were established during last week’s “New New York,” and didn’t really bring forth any of the fun. The show misses Santana dearly, and in between Kurt and the Sam – Mercedes dating storyline, there were too many hot-button issues crammed within one hour and not enough comedy to balance it out. (We did, however, like the original song “Color Blind” that Mercedes performed to her new boyfriend.)

As for some other news, Rachel quit NYADA after developing an even bigger ego (ugh), Blaine performed in a tuxedo again, and we wonder why Artie was brought to New York if he didn’t have a ton to do this week. “Bash” was the show’s growing pains. While we applaud the show for making its cuts and moving to New York, this really felt like the new story was a work in progress put into motion in the middle of the season. Grade: C+.

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