ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 19 preview: Emily VanCamp, ‘Allegiance,’ and a trap

Emily -Someone cue the famous “it’s a trap” quote … someone needs to warn Emily Thorne that there is one of these very much around the bend for her on “Revenge” season 3 next week. Just when things are starting to go her way again with Mason Treadwell now rescued and with Aiden and Nolan on her side, another obstacle of course surfaces.

Unfortunately, the synopsis below from ABC is not going to give away very much about just what these obstacles are:

“As Emily learns onto the identity of a key conspirator against her father, Victoria sets a trap she knows Emily can’t resist.”

Does this sound exciting to you? Given that we found tonight’s episode (per our review) a little underwhelming, we hope that it can amp up the shock factor and really give us a better sense of what the individual endgames for these characters really are.

As soon as the promo is available, we’ll have some analysis of that, as well! Update: The promo is now below, and from an excitement standpoint, there is plenty to like. You have a silencer being fired, and there’s also the return of the red Sharpie! Unfortunately, those of you looking for some sort of world-altering revelation from this will probably be a little disappointing. There is not anything in here that is going to stun you into next week on the basis of reveals. Rather than giving you details, the promo is more interesting in selling you on the shock and awe, and hoping you tune in to see how they fill in the cracks.

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Photo: ABC

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