‘House of Lies’ season 3 finale review: Did Marty, Jeannie survive the FBI?

House of Lies -Tonight, “House of Lies” season 3 ended its run with an episode that gave you almost everything that you wanted … and then took almost all of them away. Marty and Jeannie were finally together, but by the end of the episode, there was a pretty substantial reason for the two of them to go their separate ways.

What’s the reason for that? Think along the lines of Jeannie accidentally getting Marty arrested, and put him in a situation where he would have to step away from Kaan & Associates completely to even remotely save his company. This was all due to Jeannie’s dealings at the Department of Justice, which she assumed would not go this way at all the moment she walked away. She’s typically so fantastic at being able to solve almost any problem, but this is an issue that she did not anticipate. Thanks to that, she’s given Marty the impression that this was all a massive ploy by her to seek control, and she now has it.

All of this story was pretty well-done, as we saw the happiness of Marty and Jeannie juxtaposed with the sadness of Don Cheadle’s character walking away. The question that reminds for us is what in the world he was doing in that closing shot. Was he giving up, looking to the desert for guidance, or something far more sinister? This was a nice visual to end the season on, but also one that made little sense and served as an unsatisfying note to end the episode on. It would’ve been far better to see Marty make a break to leave the country, do a great showcase of his sadness, or have a deeper conversation with Jeannie.

With all this being said, the finale still got so much right, from its focus to the occasional spattering of humor to the reminder that Marty’s family matters. Grade: B+.

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