‘Game of Thrones’ season 4, episode 1 preview: One final tease via Maisie Williams

Arya -Tonight, the moment is finally here for passionate fans of HBO’s “Game of Thrones“: The opportunity to watch the beginning of the story unfold. We’ve talked about many characters across the board, from the Lannisters to Brienne to Danaerys.

However, what this season may be remembered best for is young Arya Stark. This will by far be her darkest season yet, but also what the story has been building to over the past three years. This is a child who has basically experienced some of the worst things in the world, whether you are talking about death, suffering, poverty, or torment. She’s with a sidekick in The Hound who pretty much hates everyone, but these two manage to find quite the common ground as they begin a pursuit for revenge that will be like almost nothing else you have seen to date.

So what does the actress behind the role have to say about what lies ahead? Just take a look at the comments that Maisie Williams gave to the Radio Times on the subject of her role has changed since the beginning:

“I’m definitely playing an Arya who’s completely different to the one I auditioned for at the beginning … She is becoming ruthless and is starting to pick up influences from the Hound [her kidnapper/bodyguard], who maybe isn’t the best person to be getting influences from when you’re 12 years old.

“Arya grew up in a fantastic environment, and never saw any conflict between anyone in her family. But she was wrapped in cotton wool because she was never told the truth about the world in which she lives.”

Granted, we don’t blame the Starks for that. They never anticipated the world becoming as insane as it has (which is something teased in the promo here). They also never surely expected that their youngest daughter would be trust into the battle lines.

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Photo: HBO

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