‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 15 spoilers: Pablo Schreiber on William Lewis’ return

Law & Order: SVU logoAs you may know by now, Pablo Schreiber is set to bring back the Save Benson saga on Wednesday night’s “Law & Order: SVU.” This could be the conclusion to a story that has spawned multiple episodes, and also polarized many critics.

the one thing that is almost universally agreed upon, though, is that one of the more interesting things about the Lewis character is that he actually forces a very different side of Olivia Benson to come out. Instead of being he hero or the savior, she is now the victim in need of protection. This is something that Pablo Schreiber goes in-depth on in the video below, as he explains that Lewis is someone now looking for a victory. He is an extremely “competitive” person, and therefore is probably none too pleased that so far, he has lost his battle with Mariska Hargitay’s character.

In the video, Schreiber also describes the circumstances that surround Lewis being a free man now following his “seizure,” including how he managed to secure the right transport and what his ultimate plan is now. It involves preying on Benson’s need to help others, and then puts her in a position where she could really be traumatized for the rest of her life. He clearly doesn’t care about her mental state at all, and is probably relying very much on the fact that she cannot stop her need to be the hero.

Hopefully, this story is an epic conclusion to something that furthers along who Benson wants to be as a person. There is no way for Lewis to keep doing what he is forever, but he can at least impart change on the SVU that will alter the course of the story moving forward.

Photo: NBC

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