ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 16 review: Did Olivia set up Fitz to be killed?

Take a look -Now that we are in the home stretch of “Scandal” season 3, this is the time when the shockers come one after the other. For this particular story, it was all about dodging metaphorical bullets, and getting the upper hand in the big election.

For Mellie’s personal life, that decision was made for Andrew to detach himself from his relationship with her thanks to a heavily veiled threat: Either he let her go, or Olivia would completely destroy him and everything that he stood for. He chose power over love, and that has him in the position where he is today. Mellie is understandably furious, especially since she knows at this point that there is nothing she can do.

As for B613, things got even crazier as Quinn was forced to sit there and watch Olivia’s mom basically come in contact with a bomb seriously. This is when Huck tried to come to the rescue in order to shut down the organization, and cause chaos like only Huck could. Command was shut down thanks to this move, and the fate of Maya is not in question. Even more so than that, though, the fate of Fitz is now in jeopardy after Jake insinuated that whatever happened here was potentially enough for the President’s life to be in jeopardy.  He obviously had a plan, and it was thwarted in the worst way imaginable.

We could spend a little bit more time now talking about one of the Presidential candidates falling out of the race or Abby taking on the reigns at the White House at times this week, but most of that doesn’t really matter. There was almost too much of a chess game happening this week, and rather than any resolutions, this story was more about setting the stage for the last two episodes. That’s exciting for when they air, but not so exciting for us now. Grade: B-.

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Photo: ABC

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