‘How I Met Your Mother’ fan creates alternate ending to series finale (video)

Last Forever -The moment that the fan reaction came in to the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale, you knew that this was going to happen: Someone was going to try to erase the memories of something that they didn’t like, and replace it with something that they did. This is probably why the video below has almost half a million viewers in less than 48 hours.

In this version of the ending (which of course is not canon, despite what you may want), the story ends with Ted meeting Tracy at the train station, and narrator Ted tells his children that this is how he met their mother. What was omitted here was the part about Tracy getting sick and dying six years before sitting the kids down, and also the part about the entire story being an excuse so that he could go and try to date Robin again. This ending is more digestible, and had it been the ending of the show, would have probably been the one that was more universally enjoyed.

But is this ending really perfect, either? That is probably why there is no proper conclusion that would make everyone satisfied. Personally, we would have much preferred the ending had it not trivialized the relationship with Ted and The Mother; however, we also had no problem with Tracy dying at some point in the future. That gave a reason for Ted to tell this story, and for the themes of life mattering to really ring home. Everyone will have their own version of the story they enjoy best.

The one part of the criticism that we find most fascinating are those who complain that this is art, and it should therefore be devoid of such criticism. Since not everyone is an artist, the whole “you don’t like it; you go make your own show” critique doesn’t fly. This is a consumer-driven culture, and if everyone was an artist, there would be no appreciation. The time invested by fans allows them the right to be happy or sad about the end of the series, and if they really want to show their dissatisfaction, they may not watch “How I Met Your Dad.” It’s as simple as that.

We won’t spend too much time dwelling on “How I Met Your Mother” now that it’s over, but we will say this; even though we disliked the ending, we will still cherish most of the series and its individual moments. The end does not have to destroy the show unless you let it.

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