‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Reddington versus some new enemies

The Blacklist logo any seasonWe feel like there is little question that when it comes to being a pretty bad dude, Raymond Reddington is really good at his job. He takes out criminals while still being a criminal himself, and he is the best TV example we can think of (outside of maybe a useless “Survivor” castaway) of someone who people put up with because they have to in order to get what they want.

As with any bad dude, though comes a fair share of enemies; and when you consistently find a way to wrong someone, you have to believe that at some point, this is probably going to come back to bite you in a substantial way. Thanks to that, we’re now set to introduce something potentially dramatic about an upcoming story on “The Blacklist.”

According to TV Guide, there is going to be a character out there on the show later this season intent on methodically destroying him and making sure his operation falls apart. Anytime that you have a villain of this nature, a pair of questions comes up:

1. Just who in the world is this person?

2. Who in the world are they working for?

The consistent theme of “The Blacklist” is that there is almost always a chain of command, and somehow, every character seems to be connected and working for someone else in the end. We’re seeing that with Tom Keen and various groups within the FBI; while Reddington sees to be operating out of his own self-interest, we know that even he has his mysterious motivations that surely have something to do with people we haven’t met yet.

Photo: NBC

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