‘The Blacklist’ episode 19 preview: Megan Boone, a mission, and a wait

The Blacklist -Given that tonight had everything from a “How I Met Your Mother” letdown to a “Dancing with the Stars” episode with no drama at all over who was eliminated, we were hoping for big things from tonight’s “The Blacklist.” Instead, what we had was an episode that was by and large straightforward, and there wasn’t that much that was accomplished.

Could that change for the next new hour of TV? It certainly seems like it, but before we get to that point, you better be ready to wait for a little while. Thanks by and large to the need to keep the show on the air until May, there is no new episode for the next two weeks.

When the show does return, though, it will be doing so with an hour that presents a much more interesting situation than anything that we saw from the gang tonight. Specifically, what we are talking about here is the simple prospect of Tom actually managing to figure out that Liz knows. He is starting to go AWOL at school, and this is only the first of many problems for him now.

This is slowly setting up to be the husband / wife battle of the ages, and hopefully in here, we’ll actually learn why in the world Tom wanted to marry her in the first place. We figure that by the end of this season, we need to at least learn what Tom’s endgame is, or why Reddington cares so much about Liz. You don’t need to give us both; just one will satisfy for now.

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Photo: NBC

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