‘Mad Men’ season 7 videos: New teasers highlight Jessica Pare, Christina Hendricks

Megan -Are you going to really get much of anything spoiled for you in some of the latest “Mad Men” videos? Of course not! This is a show that seems to really revel in how secretive that they are. With that, you really have to hope that the style of the new clips put out by AMC is enough to make up for the lack of substance.

All three of these clips featuring Megan (Jessica Pare), Joan (Christina Hendricks), and Roger (John Slattery) are extended versions of what we saw during the recent minute-long trailer, and still revolve around what the show makes out to be a very glamorous trip to the airport. With the characters that are present here, the only thing that we can really take from this in terms of possible significance is that there is more of a reason for these characters to have jet-setting lives than they once did.

Want some examples of that? Well, Megan is not at least a reasonably-successful actress, and is going to get many opportunities around the country thanks to that. Meanwhile, SC&P has been working more and more to get into business in Los Angeles, which is why we saw both Pete and Ted head there at the end of last season. Given the status of both Joan and Roger in the company, they are the sort of people who would be flying out to California to check on the progress.

We realize that we are probably reading way too much into all of this, but with a show like “Mad Men” that is really so easy to do. They intentionally want to have you guessing and discussing and facilitating conversation. When you rely strictly on story to be interesting, you cannot really afford to give anything away.

What do you think about the new teasers, and the marketing plan that AMC seems to have instituted for this season as a whole? Let us know below, and head over here if you want to get more news via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

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