‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 16 preview: Simon Baker and a fancy party

The latest -After several weeks trying to figure out what was transpiring to former members of the CBI, Sunday night’s new episode of “The Mentalist” is going to bring us back to a story that, at least on the surface, feels a little bit more like something that is going to be more old-school. It’s a story that put Patrick Jane undercover, and therefore forces a good many other people to play along with his antics.

This time around, the setting is Jane’s “house,” where Abbott leads a potential target for what is a fancy dinner party. This particular scene below is going to really highlight the Jane / Lisbon relationship, which has been consistently one of the more entertaining parts of the show ever since the beginning.

Unfortunately for shippers, we know already that they are not going to get exactly what they want out of this episode. Why is that? This is also the episode that features the arrival of Pedro Pascal as a possible Lisbon love interest. We still stand behind what we said in the past, though, and that is that this relationship for her (if it becomes that) will ultimately end up helping Jane to realize that he has serious feelings for her that really can’t be ignored.

Given that some random guy who is at the center of an investigation saying something nice to Lisbon makes Jane uncomfortable, we could only imagine what a serious suitor for her heart would do.

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Photo: CBS

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