MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 4: Beau Mirchoff, Brett Davern recap in awesome fashion

The latest -The season 4 premiere of “Awkward” on April 15 is not that far away. Who doesn’t want to celebrate that?

Well, to make your period of waiting that much more tolerable, a pair of stars from the show have decided to be so kind as to hand you one of the greatest gifts of all: An extremely random song.In the video below, Beau Mirchoff (Matty) and Brett Davern (Jake) sing a silly, tongue-in-cheek recap of the third season to get you either up to speed or fresh about what happened on the show last year. This included Jenna’s horrible-depressed emo phase, where she took drugs and made out with Collin repeatedly before figuring out just how terrible a person he was. It also included plenty of drama / romance for Jake and Tamara now that this relationship is going on.

The new episodes of “Awkward” are set to revolve mostly around one simple thing: Change. Jenna has to prepare for life after high school in Palos Hills, and the same goes for all of her friends and family. Expect to see the world expanding further than what you have seen so far, in addition to some new faces popping up here and there. We also have this “will they or won’t they again” situation going on with Jenna and Matty, and that should be interesting to watch play out (given that it most always is).

If only there were more opportunities for these guys to sing on the actual show itself, “Awkward” could somehow find a way to be even more awesome.

What do you think about this video, and does it make more prepared and stoked for the season premiere? You can as always let us know below, and click here to watch the full trailer for the season. To get some not-so-awkward updates from us at CarterMatt via email, sign up now for our official newsletter.

Photo: MTV

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