Piers Morgan signs off of CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Live’ with familiar gun control refrain

Piers Morgan Live -After giving it a go for a few years on CNN, Piers Morgan signed off of “Piers Morgan Live” Friday night discussing a subject that most likely feels familiar to many viewers at this point: Gun violence. It was a frequent refrain of his ever since the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, and there have been times that he has been vehemently criticized and labeled “rude” and “un-American” for what has been labeled as a harsh and bombastic approach to the subject matter. This sort of staunch opinion-stating from a TV host is rare for a network that often tries to be more down the middle than MSNBC and Fox News, which is likely in turn why its ratings slip except when there are major events breaking in the world.

We’re not going to spend much time talking about Piers’ politics or the perception that many have of him, mostly because we’re a television site and prefer to stay out of that particular arena. However, we are interested in seeing what Morgan’s future is on television.

When we first saw Morgan, he was a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” and we felt like he was actually very strong in that field. He had strong opinions, but found a way to be negative without resorting to cliches like Simon Cowell has done on recent years. We also know him well from being quite possibly one of the greatest players ever in the history of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” He out-performed Trace Adkins by so much in the final task that Donald Trump had no choice but to give him the title.

We do feel like Piers does have a great deal of talent as an interviewer, but at this point, we have a hard time seeing him land another gig on a major news network. His ratings struggles and public support may not be enough for that. He may consider going an internet route like Larry King has, or returning to Britain and doing more work there. We are a fan of “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories,” and maybe he could find a way to expand that further.

No matter what controversy or headline seems to befall him, the one thing we have learned about Piers is that he always finds a way to bounce back. We have a feeling that the same will be true this time.

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Photo: CNN

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