‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 17 review: Did Misha Collins’ episode deliver?

Check it out -After much waiting and anticipation, “Supernatural” finally aired Tuesday night an episode that there has been a ton of attention around: “Mother’s Little Helper.” Misha Collins got a ton of attention as the director of this one, even though Castiel was not a part of the story at all.

This was ultimately just as much about the quality of the performances that were brought to the table as the quality of Misha’s directing, and both were very solid. This was a tale about nuns, religion, and corruption that was complete with many flashbacks to the earlier days of the Men of Letters. It was also a tale of two Winchesters, with Sam and Dean each having very different tasks for most of the hour.

For the most part, Sam did have an opportunity to spend more time playing the hero, as he took on a problem that most were willing to ignore. His scenes in particular with an ex-nun were subtle, moving, and brought forth some of the Henry Winchester scenes. It was also nice to see the more devious side of Abaddon, rather than just the one who was overt and murderous from the get-go.

Sam learned through all of this that Dean was right, and the priority for the brothers should be to stop her sooner rather than later, as she continued to built an army. It will need the brothers both on the same page to make this truly happen … especially since Crowley is involved and feeding into the relationship Dean has already developed with the First Blade.

Collins was ultimately given more of a setup episode here than one that had the meatiest of surprises, but he did the most with it. There were a few funny moments, a number of moving one, and it was classic “Supernatural.” That’s the sort of thing we could watch every week. Grade: B+.

What did you think about “Mother’s Little Helper,” and could you tell in any way that Misha was the episode’s director? Share your thoughts below, and for more news related to the show (including our review of the next episode), just be sure to click here. You can also sign up if you want to grab some more news via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

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