‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 finale review: Who died, and who returned from the dead?

What's next? -Teen Wolf” continues to be stuffed full of surprises, and with that in mind, it’s hard to really be surprised at all that the show managed to do that again on the season 3 finale Monday.

Obviously, the biggest thing that we feel like many are going to be talking about here is the major news regarding Kate Argent: She’s back! Does this mean that “Wolf Watch” has been a program really designed as a ploy for Jill Wagner’s character to come in and kill them all? Okay, so that is clearly a joke, even if we do love a good conspiracy theory. The biggest question, more so than who she is, is just what she is. She looks almost like the “Teen Wolf” version of one of those werepanthers from “True Blood.”

The return of Kate does set up an instant showdown for the fourth season, which is something worth being excited about if you like the character. The one thing we worry about is that if you start making a precedent for bringing back people who are presumed dead, then you start taking the impact away of people dying. This is what made Allison’s end all the more shocking last week, and we don’t want anyone to have false hope that Crystal Reed will suddenly turn up early on during season 4.

We did lose another character tonight in Aiden, which was said … though we’re so numb from last week it probably didn’t have the same impact it would have otherwise. It also seems like Stiles (still living!) is going to be able to make it through this nasty trip to the void and back with a lot of help from his friends.

In the end, these are all the major themes of this season above all else: Friendship, loyalty, and trust. Being able to know that someone has your back, and can get through the tough times with you. Sometimes this show focuses a little too hard on the action and the fluff, but that is always there at the core of this hair-raising adventure. Grade: B.

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