‘The Blacklist’ season 1, episode 17 review: Did Liz Keen learn the truth about Tom?

The Blacklist logo any seasonOn Monday, NBC aired a new episode of “The Blacklist” that on the surface, really seemed interested in giving us some significant information all about whether or not Liz Keen was starting to figure out the truth about her husband.

As it turns out, she is finally starting to figure something out. It took a mere children’s toy, given to Tom by his wife to be up with the times, that ended up causing so many problems and blowing up his spot completely. We seriously thought that we were going to go through this entire episode without answers, and then got a big one at the end here. This moment helps her to further solidify her alliance with Reddington (if you can call it an alliance), who, evil as he may be, has done a good job telling her the truth.

As for the mission itself, it revolved primary about a man named Ivan and also Harrison Lee, a teenager who was apparently so desperate to fall in love that he ended up using his hacking skills for evil rather than good. He became a murderer without intending to, and it took some serious convincing from Liz to get him to stop what was literally a runaway train. This made for an exciting end to the episode … but come on, didn’t you know that Liz was going to make it through this alive? She always does.

The only other interesting thing here was seeing the continuation of the relationship between Ressler and Liz. They’re not hooking up by any means … but there’s something building there long-term. We predict it!

All in all, we’re just glad that “The Blacklist” is moving forward, and not just keeping this big secret from us any longer. Grade: B+.

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Photo: NBC

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