ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ episode 3 review: A still-fascinating journey

Resurrection -Resurrection,” the more we think about it, is the modern-day, network equivalent of “The 4400.” The USA show was great at giving you interesting characters and a great mystery, but not necessarily so great at making sense all of the time.

We view this drama in much of the same way. Every episode seems to only raise more questions rather than giving out answers, and the majority of the twists (Jacob’s remains lying within his tomb still) have been done just as well if not better on other shows. Still, there is something about this story that we find completely captivating. Maybe it is Kurtwood Smith being as awesome as he is, or maybe it is Omar Epps doing  good job of selling us on Bellamy … who probably is in reality the hardest character to buy on the show. (After all, he is an agent in the world of customs trying to solve a mystery in Missouri. It hasn’t exactly been a border state for anything since the Civil War.)

The only new, tangible information out there in Sunday’s episode that furthers the story along is Bellamy discovering the body of the one person who could bring answers as to what happened to Caleb, the remains of Jacob still being in the tomb, and also the revelation that Rachel, a woman from Pastor Tom’s past, is back seemingly herself after dying years ago.

Tom is probably our favorite character on the entire show right now. There are waits to paint religious leaders that can be frustrating and at times irritating, but the writers have done a great job of making him a modern man who is still in touch with modern life and religion; also, he is asking the sort of questions you would expect of a man of faith in this situation. He is also one of the few in the church who is actually adhering to the Bible’s teachings, at least in that he does not want to throw Jacob out of the congregation just because he is new and “different.”

“Resurrection” does need to give us some answers soon, but for the time being, we admit that we’re hooked. So hats off to the producers for giving us yet another show to watch on a Sunday night when there are already a trillion or so options (and it will get worse with the premiere of “Game of Thrones” soon). Grade: B+.

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Photo: ABC

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