‘Glee’ season 5 song spoilers: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and the show’s most-iconic song

The wait begins -The moment that you heard that “Glee’s” two-episode spectacular was going to be a “Greatest Hits” collection of performances, you knew what would be included. “Don’t Stop Believin’,” just in terms of sales alone, was a monster for the show. It also strikes an emotional chord as the song that started it all. (We know it wasn’t the first song to ever be performed on the show, but it’s the first one that really helped it take off.)

“Glee” has done this song already on a number of occasions. There was a brief version of the song with Quinn and Finn in the first season, and then it was a part of their show circuit at the end of season 1. A Rachel “solo” version was created for the season 4 episode “Sweet Dreams” as she tried to make her performance in ‘Funny Girl” happen.

In the end, this song has been a little played out, but it does still get to us on some deep level. Maybe it is just the tremendous dose of nostalgia that is here every time we listen to it, that brings us back to the early days when this was really one of the biggest underdog shows out there. It is a little strange hearing it without Cory Monteith, but sad as it is, the show does have to go on. If nothing else, maybe you can think of the performance as another way to honor him, since these are all people that he loved dearly.

This new version of the Journey hit includes Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss, who were not a part of the original. Adding Mr. Schue in this instance feels appropriate, given we don’t know what his role will be the rest of the series and he has been a part of the show for so long.

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