‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Lana Parrilla teases Regina – Zelena conflict

Regina -Once Upon a Time” has seen an influx of wickedness this season with Zelena’s arrival, and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This woman has already shown her capacity for evil, and more importantly than this in the long-term, she has already informed Regina that the two are in fact sisters.

Before we do anything else in this article, let’s reiterate that last sentence: Regina and Zelena are related. Lana Parrilla confirms such to TV Guide, and denies any of the theories that are out there about this being some sort of elaborate trick. She also explains what the course of action for the once-Evil Queen after she realizes that there are facts behind almost everything that this witch is saying about her:

“First of all, she really needs to find out if this woman who claims to be her sister is really her sister. When she gets her answer, there isn’t much reasoning with Zelena. It results in multiple showdowns or what you could call catfights. There are a lot of fights that take place between them and a lot of learned history during those fights; stuff that is being discovered that Regina didn’t know that Zelena is telling her and stuff that Zelena doesn’t know about her mother.”

There will be more and more backstory that is unveiled for the two characters throughout the season, and all of this probably does tie back eventually to the news that we are going to see more of Rose McGowan this season playing the part of a young Cora. She previously made an appearance last season, as we saw some of the early portion of the Queen of Hearts’ rise to power in the first place.

On tonight’s “The Tower” (which you can preview at this link), the focus may actually be more on Zelena and David … at least based on the promotional material that we have seen. For now, you can just share your opinions with a comment below, and head over here if you want to get some updates on everything we cover magically sent right to your email inbox.

Photo: ABC

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