‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 15 video: A quick Simon Baker preview

The latest -What happens when you get Patrick Jane angry on “The Mentalist“? To quote the Incredible Hulk, let’s just say that you would not like him when he’s angry.

This video below is basically Jane’s confrontation, and proof once again that he really has no regard whatsoever for law or order. Then again, you also have to remember here that Simon Baker’s character is pretty darn smart. Do you really think that he would barge into a room at the FBI and make such strong accusations is he was anything other than sure that he had the right guy? This is an obvious attempt for information and answers on some valuable subjects, but unfortunately, he is not quite getting everything that he wants out of it.

At the moment, the stakes are also raised to a whole new level thanks to Grace Van Pelt’s kidnapping. Given that this is the last episode for Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, you better prepare to get at least a few answers in here. But just how many answers? That is something that remains to be seen. At least Yeoman teased recently that there will at least be some sort of resolution for longtime fans of the characters, that way you are not seeing them go out in a fashion that should make longtime fans of the show very happy.

As always, we’ll be back tomorrow night with not just a full review of this episode, but also some more details as to what the road ahead for these characters could be.

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Photo: CBS

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